Being Smart about Gifted Learning by Dona Matthews, Ph.D,. and Joanne Foster, Ed.D.

Empowering Parents and Kids Through Challenge and Change

Fall 2021, Published by Gifted Unlimited LLC 
Being Smart about Gifted Learning: Empowering Parents and Kids Through Challenge and Change is the third edition of the multi-award-winning Being Smart, and it is totally updated and revised! Dona Matthews, Ph.D., and Joanne Foster, Ed.D., provide information and strategies to encourage children’s and adolescents’ optimal development. The authors offer current perspectives on the field of gifted education, and they address questions and concerns pertaining to many topics including creativity, assessments, programming, homeschooling, motivation, neural plasticity, diversity, social-emotional issues, and advocacy. This book is full of resources and practical suggestions for maximizing learning opportunities, and for fostering high-level development more broadly. (Coming fall, 2021. Published by Gifted Unlimited, LLC.
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 "This tremendous book describes how gifted education resources can be applied to nurturing talent broadly and inclusively across the population. The Optimal Match approach demystifies understandings of giftedness, and brings common sense to conceptions of meaningful learning at home, school, and elsewhere."

-Scott Barry Kaufman, Ph.D., Columbia University
 “By presenting exciting new work on mindsets, as well as recent research findings on expertise and cognitive neuroscience, these authors show the importance of habits of mind in cognitive development. This book will prompt re-examination of many long-held beliefs!”

- Carol S. Dweck, Ph.D., Stanford University
 “Rich with examples, this book highlights the importance of an optimal match between challenging and engaging school and home experiences and opportunities to develop gifts and talents! A practical, thoughtful contribution by two leading experts!”

-Sally M. Reis, Ph.D., University of Connecticut


Also by Dona Matthews and Joanne FosterBeyond Intelligence: Secrets for Raising Happily Productive Kids House of Anansi, 2014 



For children who love to learn, and for parents and educators who seek to provide the necessary supports in that process: guidance, challenge, and encouragement.

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